The flowering period is continuous from May to November. Rose is resistant to low temperatures, grows well in sunny locations while it needs organic soil and good drainage. The pruning […]


It is one of the few plants that adapts easily in different circumstances. You need to water it about once a week from spring until autumn and 2-3 times a […]

Planenopsis orchid

This orchid is a plant which does not need too much light. Prefer a light room but not direct to the sunlight. It needs moisture and not dry atmosphere. Water […]


Water 1-2 times a week. It has resistant to quite low temperatures and it is suitable for interior and exterior area .Do not exposure it to direct sunlight as the […]


The cyclamen is a demanding plant. It hates the heat and it needs humidity. This is the main reason that those plants do not last often in homes. Put them […]


Zammia is a plant that does not need too much care. Prefers moist soil but well drained. Zamia stands direct sunlight but not shadow, dark places. Good watering once a […]


Gusmania is a strong plant and does not need any special care. Place it in light to semi shade place, but mostly hot and very humid environment. Watering once a […]

Gardenia jasminoides

It is necessary the frequent watering during hot, dry periods. Gardenia needs enough light to bloom, but not direct sunlight, especially in summer. You should not change the place of […]


Strong plant, suitable for interior space and it has rich flowering all the year. The anthurium is poisonous if consumed, so keep the plant away from children or animals. Watering […]


The azalea plant thrives outdoors and loves moisture. Avoid planting in soil that does not drain the water. Azalea prefers plenty of morning light while you should avoid areas with […]